January 21, 2019

Takeda | MKX Frame Data


NameNotationHit LevelStart UpActiveRecoveryBlock AdvHit AdvCancelNotes
Pokes & Universal Normals
Low ChopD1M7312-41615
Rising FistD2H8532-11250
Side StepD3L1221011717
Reverse StrikeD4L1621422721
Quick SweepB4L20325-5230
Jump Front PunchJ1OH842721237
Jump Back PunchJ2OH1142722437
Jump Front KickJ3OH10827-35043
Jump Back KickJ4OH11427-35039
Jump Up PunchNJ1 or NJ2OH15428-8500
Jump Up KickNJ3 or NJ4OH16428-6340
Normals & Kombos
Straight Jab1H921512316
Shirai Ryu Order1, 1H, M13323-31623Gap to armour through between hits
Strong Flow1, 1, 2H, M, M15320-61924Gap to armour through between all 3 hits
Back Slash2H14442-18323
Trained Assassin2, 1H, M18440-16227
Quick Learner2, 1, 2H, M, L18251-3580
Hinge Kick3M12133-6719
Turn Around3, 3M, M17130-31424
Overpowered3, 3, 4M, M, OH21227-1140
High Kick4H14227-11025
Forgotten Son4, 4H, M19324-4628
Strong LungeF1M12429-131021
White WellF1, 2M, M11427-5327
ApprenticeF1, 2+4M, M, M103149-22150
HellspawnF1, 2, 2+4M, M, M, OH103149-20150
Whip AroundB1M21240-19-329
Quick LashB1, 1M, M15348-19324
Old GrudgesB1, 1, 2M, M, OH27226-11250
Piston PunchF2M12226-51321
Victorious WaysF2, 1M, M14229-3022
Hasashi KickF2, 1, 4M, M, M20230-5390
Downward SlapB2OH24237-16831
Whip SnapB2, 1OH, OH16247-21223
Fallen WarriorB2, 1, 2+4OH, OH, OH29355-2250Gap to armour through or backdash between last 2 hits
Double KickF3M111427-1180
Step KickB3M21238-12-129
Shin ShatterB3, D3M, L22135-8150
Flying FeetF4H205229370
Special Moves
Close KunaiDB1 BL11416-2200
Far KunaiDB1 FL19486280
Tri KunaiDB1 MBL3320-1432620
Tri Kunai > DelayHOLD 1
Tornado StrikeBF4OH37321-6550
Close Tornado StrikeBF4 BOH28321-6310
Far Tornado StrikeBF4 FOH25321-6310
Tornado KickBF4 MBOH37321-16550
Close Tornado KickBF4 MB BOH28321-16550
Far Tornado KickBF4 MB FOH25321-16550
Air Tornado Strike(Air) BF4OH28321-6310
Air Close Tornado Strike(Air) BF4 BOH37321-6550
Air Far Tornado Strike(Air) BF4 FOH28321-6550
Air Tornado Kick(Air) BF4 MBOH28321-16550
Air Close Tornado Kick(Air) BF4 MB BOH28321-16310
Air Far Tornado Kick(Air) BF4 MB FOH25321-16310
Fist FlurryBF2M23543-30240
Fist WhirlwindBF2 MBM23543-30530Armoured. 2 Hits
VARIATION - Shirai Ryu
Air Spear(Air) DB1OH10748-3720
Air Spike(Air) DB1 MBOH10748-37400
Spear RyuBF1M151633-31190
Double Spear RyuBF1 MBM151633-31580
Quick PhaseDB3M2946-17310
Quick Phase > DelayHold 3
Quick Phase > CancelDD
Shirai Ryu PhaseDB3 MBM, L, L26924-1700
Shirai Ryu Phase > CancelHold 3
Shirai Ryu Phase > DelayDD
Air Teleport(Air) DB3H20418-2990
Air Shirai Ryu Port(Air) DB3 MBH, OH203825-58520Incorrectly stated as a mid for 2nd hit in the game
Low SlashD+F1M11334-191922
Whip StrikeDF1M18628-2120
Whip ThrashDF1 MBM18628-2140Armoured.
Whip AssaultBF2H18346-122156
Whip FlurryBF2 MBH18346-12490Armoured. 2 Hits
Whip TripDB2L18336-11220
Whip FlipDB2 MBL1833611460
Blade DropDB1N/A1027-27-27262
Blade Drop > Blade KallDB1L72416-13330
Blade Drop > Blade SummonDB1 MBL72416-13480
Blade Drop > Quick KallDF1L72416-5330
Close Blade DropDB1, BN/A1027-27-2726
Close Blade Drop > Blade KallDB1L72416-5330
Close Blade Drop > Blade SummonDB1 MBL72416-5480
Close Blade Drop > Quick KallDF1L72416-5330
Far Blade DropDB1, FN/A1027-27-2726
Far Blade Drop > Blade KallDB1L72416-5330
Far Blade Drop > Blade SummonDB1 MBL72416-5480
Close Blade Drop > Quick KallDF1L72416-5330
Piercing SparkDF3H18101-70-390
Piercing BeamDF3 MBM182656260
Shirai Ryu ReflectDB3N/A102918-56-560
Shirai Ryu AbsorbDB3 MBN/A102918-56-560
Back SlashB1M11218-21921
High StrikeB1, 1M, M732501717
Rising BladeB1, 1, 2M, M ,M14230-5360
Downward Slice2M12329-9119
Double Bladed2, 1M, M1822421225
Low Swipe2, 1, 2M, M, L19232-6270
Spinning BladeB2OH15431-12221
Low StabB2, 1OH, L14228-12919
Way of HasashiB2, 1, 2+4OH, L, M14245-102924
Shirai Ryu KanDF1M111236-10430
Double Shirai Ryu KanDF1 MBM113537-15400Armoured.
Takeda MKX Frame Data