January 21, 2019

Sonya Blade | MKX Frame Data

Sonya Blade

NameNotationHit LevelStart UpActiveRecoveryBlock AdvHit AdvCancelNotes
Pokes & Universal Normals
Low PokeD1M8114-41618
Boot StrapD2H9537-16260
Foot SnapD3L7215-41216
Ankle BreakerD4L10122-52018
Military SweepB4L10528-10190
Jump-In Front PunchJ1OH7162521146
Jump-In Back PunchJ2OH962522337
Jump-In Front KickJ3OH9725-35039
Jump-In Back KickJ4OH8625-44936
Jump-Up PunchNJP 1 or 2OH8626-6520
Jump-Up KickNJK 1 or 2OH101226-4360
Normals & Kombos
Single Jab1H72160518
Advance Forces1, 1H, M721822512
Fierce Assault1, 2H, M531621918
Drop Zone1, 2, 1H, M, M1051921319
Ground Control1, 2, 1, F4H, M, M, M19854-3070
Power Trip1, 1, 1H, M, M183260433
Mess Hall1, 1, 2H, M, M20526-13340
Pull Out1, 2, 4H, M, M10924-15200
Honorable Discharge2, 1H, M11521-81519Gap to armour through or backdash between hits
Hand of Justice2, 1, 3H, M, M12328-131420Gap to armour through first 2 hits
Beat Down2, 1, 3, 4H, M, M, OH12423-14170Gap to armour through first 2 and last 2 hits
American Way2, 1, U4H, M, M11439-25260
Study This2, 2H, M12427-7119
Trust No One2, 2, 2H, M, M17738-17270
No Backup2, 2, 4H, M, M14329-9240
High Kick3H1452301429
Brutal Kick4H11235-93024
Downward SlamB1OH12431-17-419
Beat UpB1, 4OH, L14528-151223Gap to armour through or backdash between hits
Play TimeB1, 4, 2OH, L, OH21225-14250
Rib BreakerF2M13323-31623
AmbushF2, B1M, M16827-650
Leaping SmashB2M17325-144430
Wrap AroundF3H21222-690
Shin SnapB3L14227-10319
Fly ByB3, 3L, M14335-17224
ExtractionB3, 3, 2L, M, M15335-51039
SuppressionB3, 3, 2, 1, 2L, M, M, M, M161324-94624
Alert ForceB3, 3, 2, 4L, M, M, M, M16824-11320
Final DrillB3, 3, U4L, M, M, M15232-7340
Armed ForcesB3, 3, F4L, M, M, M15234-9350
One TwoF4M17232622948
Special Moves
Air Drop(AIR) D4M151213-26453
Energy RingBF2H1979-46-1570
Energy BlastBF2 MBM1979-46-5290
Arc KickDF4M171525-20250
Flying KickDF4 MBM122910-19450Armoured.
Leg GrabBF4M11338-221032
Leg SlamBF4 MBM11338-221032Armoured. 2 Hits
Special ForcesL2+R2N/A24515-61630
VARIATION - Covert Ops
Military StanceDB2N/A1010-10-10324
Military Stance > Grab1THROW9342-31110
Military Stance > At Ease2N/A103-3-30
Military Stance > Rising Kick3L8733-22330
Military Stance > Double Kick4OH22822-18520
Garrote ParryDB1N/A61815-38391
Garrote > Eagle Strike2 OR 4N/A10167-167-1670
Garrote > Freedom Strike1 OR 3N/A10156-156-1560
Garrote PunishDB1 MBN/A41815-36389
Garrote Punish > Stiff Neck1 OR 3N/A10128-128-1280
Garrote Punish > Justice2 OR 4N/A10167-167-1670
Air Strike(AIR) D+1+3Throw948200
VARIATION - Demolition
Boomer1, 1, 2H, M, M20333-85227
Drone DropDD1N/A1063-63-630
Drone BombDD1 MBM620-32481040
Frag GrenadeDB1M840-11581130Game lists as -42
Frag Grenade (Close)DB1 BM710-11581130Game lists as -42
Frag Grenade (Far)DB1 FM710-11581130Game lists as -42
Frag Grenade: ShrapnelDB1 MB BM1931-84670
Stun GrenadeDF1M840-42581280Game lists as -42
Stun Grenade (Close)DF1 BM710-42581280Game lists as -42
Stun Grenade (Far)DF1 FM710-42581280Game lists as -42
Stun Grenade: FlashbangDF1 MBM1931-84650
Grenade: Detonate1H1111-11
Bake 'n' Wake1M101111-9460Can only be performed on Wake Up
VARIATION - Special Forces
Prime PunchB2M15239-23530
Drone: Spawn DroneDD1N/A1041-41-410
Drone: Park DroneDD1N/A1021-27-270
Drone: Unpark DroneDD1N/A1021-27-270
Drone: Heavy Blast1+R2OH18643510
Drone: Homing Missile2+R2M47101-12035910
Drone: Kamikaze3+R2M2811-1131670
Drone: Low Kamikaze4+R2L47101-12035910
Sonya Blade MKX Frame Data