January 21, 2019

Shinnok | MKX Frame Data


NameNotationHit LevelStart UpActiveRecoveryBlock AdvHit AdvCancelNotes
Pokes & Universal Normals
Low PalmD1M6218-71118
Rising PalmD2H7834-16250
Side KickD3L9318-8822
Reverse BootD4L11220-42118
Reverse PushB4L19533-8130
Jump Front PunchJ1OH68262120
Jump Back PunchJ2OH109262230
Jump Front KickJ3OH91226-4490
Jump Back KickJ4OH10426-3500
Jump Up PunchNJ1 OR NJ2OH9528-8500
Jump Up KickNJ3 OR NJ4OH71228-6340
Normals & Kombos
Bone Strike1H9218-2316
Vanquished1, 1H, M13324-41219
Immortality1, 1, 2H, M, M17426-7924
Dark Magic1, 1, 2, 3H, M, M, OH21321-62924Gap to armour through or backdash between last 2 hits
Downwards Claw2H163222623
Nexus2, 2H, M12334-4721
Quick Stomp3M15225-41320
Possession3, 1M, M19334-14229
Immense Power3, 1, 2M, M, M21124-74729
Back Strike4H155272831
Wind PunchB1M16329-44830
Lunge PunchF2M17527-11390Incorrectly listed as +2 on block in the game
Divine PowerF2, 2M, M19230-8428
MysticalF2, 2, 4M, M, M17233-171929
Double PunchB2M175272390
Step KickF3M16425-61623
Devious HeelB3OH18426-114728
Shin KickF4L7332-7517
Special Moves
Charging ShoulderBF3M122024-15360
Krushing ShoulderBF3 MBM122024-15630Armoured. 2 Hits
Hell SparksDB2M13469-222068
Hell Sparks > EnhanceMBM74914830
Hell BlastDB2 MBM7479-212063
Hell Blast > EnhanceMBM74914830
The Devil's HandL2+R2M263312130
VARIATION - Impostor
Mimicry > Stolen PowerDB1H23101-52-23520
Air Tricky Portal (Air)(AIR) DUN/A18040-57-570
Air Tricky Portal (Air) > In front(AIR) DUBN/A2039-40-400
Amulet StrikeBF1H16533-1020
Amulet CurseBF1 MBM1851714510
VARIATION - Bone Shaper
Scepter SlamDF2L15740-2950
Scepter LaunchDF2 MBL15740-29450Armoured.
Scepter StrikeDB1UB4042310130
Scepter QuakeDB1 MBUB4042310240
Dark BeamBF1H15601-564-12120
Dark BlastBF1 MBM15601-564-3360
God StrikeF2M19424-4326
God of DarknessF2, D2M, M19238-22029
DeityF2, 2, 1+3M, M, M1723142024
Possession3, 1M, M19334-14-729
Hell?RaiserF4, 1M20231-5931
BanishmentF4, 1, D2OH24330-53731
Konquer AllF4, 1, D2, U2M22336-11260
Fallen Elder GodF3, 1M, M20231-5931
Fall From GraceF3, 1, D2M, M, OH24330-53731
Brute StrengthF3, 1, D2, U2M, M, OH, M22336-11260
VARIATION - Necromancer
Summoned FiendDF4M21444-20310
Summoned SlamDF4 MBM21444-11680
Judgment FistDB1UB527322140
Judgment SmashDB1 MBUB527322140
In Front Judgment FistDB1 BH1111-11
In Front Judgment SmashDB1 MB BH1111-11
Behind Judgment FistDB1 FH1111-11
Behind Judgment SmashDB1 MB FH1111-11
Devil's FlickBF2M22338-8310
Devil's BackhandBF2 MBM284275500
Shinnok MKX Frame Data