January 21, 2019

Raiden | MKX Frame Data


NameNotationHit LevelStart UpActiveRecoveryBlock AdvHit AdvCancelNotes
Pokes & Universal Normals
Low PulseD1M7317-71119
Low KickD3L8220-9622
Toe KickD4L13121-41924
Jump Front PunchJ1OH752621436
Jump Back PunchJ2OH1152622440
Jump Front KickJ3OH71426-35034
Jump Back KickJ4OH11826-25143
Jump Up PunchNJ1 or NJ2OH81127-7510
Jump Up KickNJ3 or NJ4OH12427-5350
Normals & Kombos
Quick Zap1H83151418
Rolling Thunder1, 1H, M11327-21918
Sudden Energy1, 1, 2H, M, M185272310
Quick Shock2H10418-41717
White Spark2, 1H, M12524-62220
White Lightning2, 1, 3H, M, M17638-26670
Distant Thunder2, 1, 4H, M, L16229-3929
Side Kick3H1242221421
Supernatural3, 4H, OH19425-25032
Spinning Kick4H14328-8922
Spinning Spark4, 4H, M16429-5220
Head SwipeF1H6521-61417
SupercellF1, 2H, M851801718
God's RageF1, 2, B2H, M, M12429-134129
Lightning StormF1, 4H, L11430-16180
God FistB1, 1M, M8527-91721
Power DischargeB1, 1, 1+3M, M, M11344-293116
Forked LightningB1, 4M, M13333-8624
Stepping FistF2M1531922423
Kalm StormF2, 2+4M , M1652423825
AlmightyF2, 4M , M16328-3923
GodlikeF2, 4, 4M, M, M17534-1150
Hammer FistsB2OH132357-305023Incorrectly listed in the game as -63
Shin StrikeB3L13426-111022
Might Of MordulusB3, 3L, M8430-16-118
Quick BurnB3, 4L, OH12442-91832
Hop Heel SmashF4M244266360
Special Moves
Electric FlyBF3M143247-272755
Thunder FlyBF3 MBM143247-272755Armoured. 2 Hits
Air Thunder Fly(Air) BF3M63260-392747
Air Thunder Fly(Air) BF3 MBM63260-392747
Lightning > ExtendHold 1N/A1111-11
Lightning > CancelFF or BBN/A1111-11
BoltDB1 MBM35101-76150
Bolt > Stop BoltDB1M4151-13016710
Vicinity BlastDB2UB151926-17100
Vicinity Blast > ExtendHold 2N/A1111-11
Vicinity Blast > CancelFF or BBN/A1111-11
Vicinity BurstDB2 MBH2210300240Armoured. 2 Hits
ShockerDF2 MBH141725-14770
Rising ThunderDB3M151350-3510
Thunder StrikeDB3 MBM1513-27000Armoured.
Shock TherapyL2+R2M281731-12100
VARIATION - Thunder God
Heavenly Hands1, 1, 2H, M, M15232-161531
Heavenly Hands >Hold (All charge levels)Hold 2M4230-142018
Thunder Cloud1, 1, 2, 2H, M, M, M25435-191651
Thunder Cloud > Hold (All charge levels)Hold 2M2027-102713
All PowerfulB1, 1, 2M, M, M15232-161531
All Powerful > Hold (All charge levels)Hold 2M4230-142018
Lightning StrikeB1, 1, 2, 2M, M, M, M25435-191651
Lightning Strike > Hold (All charge levels)Hold 2M25435-191651
Infinite SpiritF1, 2H, M8518-31718
Divine PowerF1, 2, B2H, M, M,12429-134129
Divine Power > Hold (All charge levels)Hold 2M2025-8458
Violent ThunderF2, 2+4M, M22231-152444
Violent Thunder > Hold (All charge levels)Hold 2+4M4229-132724
Elder FuryB3, 2L, M14329-134030
Elder Fury > Hold (All charge levels)Hold 2M2025-8448
Flash Storm3, 2+4H, M23130-132544Gap to armour through between hits
Flash Storm > Hold (All charge levels)Hold 2+4M3228-122623
VARIATION - Displacer
Teleport > In frontBN/A2018-19-190
Teleport > PhaseDUN/A1019-19-190
Teleport > Behind & AwayFN/A2018-19-190
SparkportDU MBN/A107-7-70Armoured.
Sparkport > In frontBN/A206-7-70
Sparkport > PhaseDUN/A107-7-70
Sparkport > Behind & AwayFN/A206-7-70
VARIATION - Master of Storms
(Front) Static TrapDF4N/A161201-567-49-490
Forward Full TrapDF4 MBM12137-103281040
(Behind) Static TrapDB4N/A161201-567-49-490
Away Full TrapDB4 MBM12137-103281040
(Above) Static TrapDD4N/A161201-567-49-490
(Above & In front) Static TrapDF4 U+FN/A71201-567-40-400
(Above & Behind) Static TrapDB4 U+BN//A71201-567-40-400