January 21, 2019

Predator | MKX Frame Data


NameNotationHit LevelStart UpActiveRecoveryBlock AdvHit AdvCancelNotes
Pokes & Universal Normals
Crouching KlawD1M8312-61415
Rising ScimitarD2H11440-18230
Flick KickD3L7314-61219
Combi StrikeD4L8321-131618
Low KutterB4L14231-10180
Jumping Front PunchJ1OH522721329
Jump Back PunchJ2OH51627-25146
Jump Front kickJ3OH81327-15233
Jump Back KickJ4OH81327-15233
Jump Up PunchNJ1 or NJ2OH7828-8500
Jump Up KickNJ3 or NJ4OH71228-6340
Normals & Kombos
Klaw Swipe1H1021512217
KNock Knock1, 2M13323-31821
Come On1, 2, 2OH2231905032
Gut Strike2M12220-4919
Hunt Begins2, 1M133250824
Pleasure Kill2, 1, 2M15437-23690
Flat Foot3M12415-12220
World Of Hurt3, 2OH10327-2620
Ugly Mother....3, 2, 1+3M15220-990
Spinning Kick4H1352221525
Brutal KickF4M197222340
Fatal BackhandF1H8317-21915
I See YouF1, 2M13327-7822
CONTAAAAACTF1, 2, U2M12733-3410
Meat GrinderF1, 2, D2L20338-12100
Low LungeB1M1542401627
Payback TimeB1, 2L14328-8190
Hunter's StrikeF2M293212738
Kill MeF2, 1M133241422
Bleed BastardF2, 1, 2OH18433-144328
Combi PokeB2H17534-11224
You're OneB2, 2M20421-51427
I'm HereB2, 2, D2OH255342150Gap to armour between 2nd and 3rd hit.
Shin SplintB3L14220-7919
Slack-jawedB3, 1M13229-8821
We. Hit. Nothing.B3, 1, 1M16328-13223
Get To The ChopperB3, D2OH154-18-1900Incorrectly listed as 0 on block in the game.
Special Moves
StealthDD1na1049-49-490Reduced chip damage
CloakingDD1 MBNA1049-49-490Immune to chip damage
Dual Smart-DiscBF2 MBM2376-40-21530
Air Smart-Disc(Air) BF2M2354-15-11390
Air Dual Smart-Disc(Air) BF2 MBM2268-22-3420
Scimitar StabBF4M23522-14180
Away Scimitar StabBF4 BM23522-14180
Scimitar SlamBF4 MBM23541-14180Armoured
Away Scimitar SlamBF4 MB BM23541-14180Armoured
What The HellL2+R2M15244-1050
Yautja StrikeDB2OH33322-7320
Yautja PounceDB2 MBOH33322-17500
Close Yautja StrikeDB2 BOH24322-56-450
Close Yautja PounceDB2 MB BOH33322-17500
Far Yautja StrikeDB2 FOH24322-56-450
Far Yautja PounceDB2 MB FOH33322-17500
Air Yautja Strike(Air) DB2OH18322-7320
Air Yautja Pounce(Air) DB2 MBOH18322-17500
Dread SlamBF1M13418-4200
Dread LaunchBF1 MBM13418-14510
Self DetonateDB4M2416-1691992640
Self-DestructDB4 MBM2416-1691992640
Medi KitDD3NA1098-98-980
Quick HealingDD3 MBNA1098-98-980
Close SnagDB4 BL22501-478-51820
Far SnagDB4 FL30501-48631900
Air Snag(Air) DB4L91301-336562400
Air Close Snag(Air) DB4 BL22501-478-51820
Air Far Snag(Air) DB4 FL30501-48631900
TrapDB4 MBL26501-496132000
Close TrapDB4 MB BL26501-496132000
Far TrapDB4 MB FL26501-496132000
Air Trap(Air) DB4 MBL36501-481-21850
Air Close Trap(Air) DB4 MB BL36501-481-21850
Air Far Trap(Air) DB4 MB FL36501-481-21850
DetonateDB4L276139740Snare/Trap must be on the ground
Armored ExplosionDB4 MBL206723800Snare/Trap must be on the ground
Plasma ShotBF3H15200-180-7200
Plasma BarrageBF3 MBM8223-1820560
Up plasma ShotDF3H10200-178-4180
Up Plasma BarrageDF3 MBH6226-1842640
Ground Plasma ShotDB3L2264-1310
Ground Plasma BarrageDB3 MBL1442-8-28610
Close Ground Plasma ShotDB3 BL1541-13-22650
Far Ground Plasma ShotDB3 FL246-410390
Plasma CasterBF3 hold 3NA000000
-Up Plasma CasterHold 3 UNA000000
-Down Plasma CasterHold 3 DNA000000
-Straight Plasma CasterHold 3 FNA000000
-CancelFF or BBNA000000
Predator MKX Frame Data