January 21, 2019

Kano | MKX Frame Data


NameNotationHit LevelStart UpActiveRecoveryBlock AdvHit AdvCancelNotes
Pokes & Universal Normals
Low SpikeD1M9119-72521
Pointy UppercutD2H8639-19230
Low KickD3L7313-31315
Toe KickD4L7323-81718
Jump Front PunchJ1OH662921237
Jump Back PunchJ2OH772922337
Jump Front KickJ3OH10629-15235
Jump Back KickJ4OH11429-15238
Jump Up PunchNJ1 or NJ2OH9330-10480
Jump Up KickNJ3 or NJ4OH11730-8320
Normals & Kombos
Quick Jab1H83150514
Mischievous1, 1H, M8317-22015
Villainous1, 1, 2H, M, M14227-1623Gap to armour through or backdash between last 2 hits
Back Fist2H1332121623
Be Back2, F4H, M203330280
Knee Crusher3M9324-71517
Kombat Boots3, 2H, M14123-15125
Side Kick4H152302824
Elbow SpikeB1M9610-82420
DelinquentB1, 3M,M9624-21021
Snap BootF3M13221-51322
No EscapeF3, 3M, L10323-81121
Shin StrikeB3L14422-31121
Getting AheadB3, 1L, M1542012922
Mean MachineB3, 1, 2L, M, M24723-8540
Lifting KneeF4M11528-52229
Special Moves
Air Ball(AIR) BF3OH,L23047-46519
Air Ball > EnhanceMBUB24272-56150
Kano BallBF3M133229-20330
Black Dragon BallBF3 MBM1014-14-140
Black Dragon Ball > CancelDDN/A1014-14-140
Black Dragon Ball > DelayHOLD R2N/A1014-14-140
Up BallDB2M71637-27280
Uprise BallDB2 MBM71635-5300Armoured.
Blade ThrowDF2H16101-76-770
Blade TossDF2 MBH16123-829190
VARIATION - Cut Throat
Sneaky BladeB1OH13330-101319
TroublesomeB1, 2OH, M18335-10824
BloodthirstyB1, 2, 1OH,M,M2163102033
Pay AttentionF2, 1M, M20133-61228
Attitude ProblemF2, 1, 2M, M, M20334-9540
Blade SliceDB1M19418-5150
Bloody SliceDB1 MBM19418-15500
Power UpDD3N/A1035-35-350
Charge UpDD3 MBN/A1015-15-150
VARIATION - Cybernetic
Power PlantB2M18521-71626
Ear To EarB1, 3, 1+3M, M, M9525-12130
Stomach AcheB1, 3, 2+4M, M, M14342-8817
Stomach Ache > EnhanceMBM4124-71100
TreacherousB2, 3M, M11225-41321
Black MarketB2, 3, 1+3M, M, H9525-12130
Gut BlastB2, 3, 2+4M, M, M14342-8817
Gut Blast > EnhanceMBM4124-71100
BurnerF3, 1+3M, H9525-12130
Big BoomF3, 2+4M, H14342-8817
Big Boom > EnhanceMBM4124-71100
Knife TossDF2M12101-72-11110
Multi BladesDF2 MBM9107-885590
Upward LaserDB3H6112153828
Upward Laser > EnhanceMBH31312N/A470
Eye BurstDB1H14826-11290
Eye BlastDB1 MBH14826-112154
VARIATION - Commando
For The Money2,2H,M14227-11223
Wood Chipper3, 2, 1+3H, M, M7539-1640
Wood Chipper > EnhanceMBH, M, M4124-71100
Miss Me?B1,3,1+3M,M,M9525-12130
StrangleDF1 MBH10329-4230Armoured. 2 hits
Low KounterDB3N/A41617-3600
Dirty KounterDB3 MBN/A21617-3400
High KounterDB1N/A42417-4450
Survivor's KounterDB1 MBN/A22417-4250
Power SlamDFB4THROW10448-34140
Power BombDFB4 MBTHROW10448-34150Armoured. 2 Hits
Rib StrikeDBF4THROW11544N/A100
Rib BreakerDBF4 MBTHROW11544N/A100Armoured. 2 Hits
Kano MKX Frame Data