January 21, 2019

Johnny Cage | MKX Frame Data

Johnny Cage

NameNotationHit LevelStart UpActiveRecoveryBlock AdvHit AdvCancelNotes
Pokes & Universal Normals
Low PokeD1M8113-31714
Low KickD3L7616-91216
Turnaround HeelD4L11321-62217
Stylin' SweepB4L9530-12170
Jump Front PunchJ1OH74292140
Jump Back PunchJ2OH107292250
Jump Front KickJ3OH74292140
Jump Back KickJ4OH74292140
Jump Up PunchNJ1 or NJ2OH81031-11470
Jump Up KickNJ3 or NJ4OH11931-9310
Normals & Kombos
Straight Punch1H92821316
Outtake1, 1H, M92723016
Stand?In1, 1, 3H, M, L12437-23-222
Widescreen1, 1, 4H, M, M1322322726
Almost Famous1, 2H, M611022812
Cross?Kutting1, 2, 1+3H, M, M102200490
Palm Strike2H9228-1916
Silent But Deadly2, 1H, M14231-10423
Take Two2, 1, 4H, M, M144330210
Snap Kick3H14236-20122
That's The Ticket3, 3H, M12230-14719
Big Name3, 3, 3H, M, M13332-73619
High Kick4H152252623
Hammer FistF2OH15334-9-122
Money ShotF2, 4OH, M15219-53625
CliffhangerF2, 4, 4OH, M, M19330-6460
Strong HandB2M1122923327
Dizzy KneeF3M11536-8821
KameoF3, 4M, M17323-3300
Flick KickB3M17233-7-124
Director's KutB3, 4M, M21333-81327
Fade?OutB3, 4, 3M, M, OH22325-22525
Special Moves
Low ForceballDF2M19601-572-11110
Double Low ForceballDF2 MBM19615-5764150
High ForceballDB2M19601-572-11110
Double High ForceballDB2 MBM19615-5764150
Ultra FlipkickDB4 MBM12529-16270
Nut PunchBD3M11442-19220
NutcrackerBD3 MBM11442-14580Gap to armour between hits
Shadow KickBF4H111617-13300
Eclipse KickBF4 MBH111617-4450Armoured. 2 Hits
Kasting KallL2+R2OH2631815420
VARIATION - Fisticuffs
Fist BumpBF1N/A1040N/AN/A0
Hard HitB1M1038-32916
The One?TwoB1, 2M7211-32615
Speed BagB1, 2, 1, 2M919-32917Gap to armour through or backdash between 2nd and 3rd hits
VARIATION - Stunt double
Straight ForceballDB2H21601-569-1480
Double Straight ForceballDB2 MBH21622-579-28180
Rising ShadowDB1M13742-3070
Shadow DropkickDB1 MBM134031-19230
Mimic > Shadow KickBF4H111617-13300
Mimic > Eclipse KickBF4 MBH111617-4450Armoured
Mimic > Rising ShadowDB1M13742-3070
Mimic > Shadow DropkickDB1 MBM134031-19230
Force PunchB2M17228-2420
Force Punch > Charge2
Force Punch > CancelFF or BB
Fatal Strike1, 2, 1M82322290
Fatal Strike > Charge1
Fatal Strike > CancelFF or BB
EntertainerF3, 4M25334-11340
Entertainer > Charge4
Entertainer > CancelFF or BB
Rising KickDB4M16729-18320
Rising Kick > Charge4M32327-2390
Rising Kick > CancelFF or BB
Nut BreakerBD3M20438-213051
Nut Breaker > Charge3M14446-14590
Nut Breaker > EnhanceMBM14446-14590
Flashy Shadow KickBF4H111617-13300
Flashy Shadow Kick > Delay4
Flashy Shadow Kick > CancelFF or BB
Johnny Cage MKX Frame Data