January 21, 2019

Jax Briggs | MKX Frame Data

Jax Briggs

NameNotationHit LevelStart UpActiveRecoveryBlock AdvHit AdvCancelNotes
Pokes & Universal Normals
Knee JabD1M701-51514
Upper MuscleD2H7932-15250
Ankle BreakerD3L921101614
Flick KickD4L9319-42116
Quick TripB4L10531-17150
Jump Front PunchJ1OH76252120
Jump Back PunchJ2OH114252250
Jump Front KickJ3OH91225-3500
Jump Back KickJ4OH9425-2510
Jump Up PunchNJ1 or NJ2OH11627-7510
Jump Up KickNJ3 or NJ4OH1132-5350
Normals & Kombos
The BriggsD1, D2M, M9216-22518Gap to armour through between hits
Quick Fist1H6515-2315
Boot Kamp1, 1H, M94822718
Major Force1, 1, 1H, M, OH15334-9260
Active Duty1, 2H, M5325-3517
Field Grade1, 2, 3H, M, L14431-17422
Chain of Command1, 2, D3H, M, N/A1027-27-270
Advance Force1, 2, 4H, M, M9332-172921
Code of Conduct1, 2, B4H, M, M17237-2310Gap to armour through or backdash between last 2 hits
Power Hook2H9318-31817
Warfare2, 3H, L13625-13622Gap to armour through or backdash between hits
Ground Control2, 3, 2H, L, OH22334-4230Gap to armour through or backdash between all hits
Steel Toe3H11232-6518
All Out Assault3, F4H, OH18427-4430
Armed Forces3, B2H, M21431-7380
Spinning Boot4H122232823
Downward HammerB1M11325-5317
Majority RulesB1, 2M, M15431-17024
OutrankedB1, 2, 1M, M, M94321350
Elite SmashB1, 3M, M19441-8180
Upward PunchF2M1341901221
Air RaidF2, 1M, M1541811726
ExpendableF2, 1, 2M, M, M12424-5430
PayloadF2, 1, 2, D2+4M, M, OH29152-40
Head SlammerB2OH18229-13527
-DelayHOLD 2OH134212210
Foot SmashB3L14329-14821
WarfighterB3, D2L, OH2153021827Gap to armour through or backdash between hits
W.M.D.B3, 4L, M19231-53929Gap to armour through or backdash between hits
Flying KneeF4M11627-15831
Special Moves
Energy WaveDB2H22200-1707100
Energy Wave > DelayHold 2N/A1111-11
Assault WaveDB2 MBH22211-169-3260
Assault Wave > DelayHold 2N/A1111-11
Ground PoundDD4UB434249640
Close Ground PoundDD4 BUB74249640
Far Ground PoundDD4 FUB74249640
Ground ShakeDD4 MBUB4642112710
Dash PunchBF2H10835-7260
Dash FistBF2 MBH10835-7260
Downward Dash PunchBF2 DOH5238-17390
Downward Dash FistBF2 MB DOH5238-17470
Major PainBF4M11828-8250
Major MuscleBF 4 MBM112530-14480Armoured
Gotcha GrabDB1H9318-480
Gotcha BeatdownDB1 MBH9318-4220
Bring ItL2+R2OH20327440
VARIATION - Heavy Weapons
L.A.W. RocketDB2M25200-150-23220
L.A.W. Rocket > Up ShotHold UM4200-150-23220
L.A.W. Rocket > DelayHold 2M5200-150-23220
L.A.W. Rocket > CancelFF or BBH1111-11
L.A.W. BlastDB2 MBM25200-158-6300
L.A.W. Blast > Up ShotHold UM4200-150-6300
L.A.W. Blast > DelayHold 2M5200-150-6300
L.A.W. Blast > CancelFF or BBH1111-11
Machine GunBF3H25216-167-2030
Machine FireBF3 MBH21240-179-7150
Up Machine GunDB1H25216-167-20220
Up Machine FireDB1 MBH21240-179-7340
VARIATION - Pumped up
Super GotchaDB1H11523-930
Super Gotcha > Face Smash1N/A10242-242-2420
Super Gotcha > Face Break2N/A10221-221-2210
Super Gotcha > Gut Buster3N/A10201-201-2010
Super Gotcha > Crown Slam4N/A10180-180-1800
Gotcha ExtremeDB1 MBH7423-930Armoured. 2 Hits
Gotcha Extreme > Face Smash1N/A10242-242-2420
Gotcha Extreme > Face Break2N/A10221-221-2210
Gotcha Extreme > Gut Buster3N/A10201-201-2010
Gotcha Extreme > Crown Slam4N/A10180-180-1800
Ground TremorDD4UB364211150
Ground QuakeDD4 MBUB3642111160
Air Drill Slam(AIR) DD4UB28444-1120
Air Drill Punch(AIR) DD4 MBUB28444-11130
VARIATION - Wrestler
JammerF3 1+3THROW13240-1400Gap to armour through or backdash between hits
DeployF4 1+3THROW13240-1400Gap to armour through or backdash between hits
Quad Grab TowardsDBF1THROW11240N/A-345
Quad Grab Towards > Part 22N/A1068-68-680
Quad Grapple TowardsDBF1 MB BTHROW11240N/A-381
Quad Grapple Towards > Part 22N/A1068-68-680
Quad Grapple Towards > Part 33N/A1065-65-6532
Quad Grapple Towards > Part 44N/A100000
Quad Grapple Towards > Part 51+2+3+4N/A100000
Quad Grab AwayDBF1 BN/A1062-62-6229
Quad Grab Away > Part 22N/A1069-69-690
Quad Grapple AwayDBF1 MBN/A1098-98-9865
Quad Grapple Away > Part 22N/A1069-69-690
Quad Grapple Away > Part 33N/A1061-61-6128
Quad Grapple Away > Part 44N/A100000
Quad Grapple Away > Part 51+2+3+4N/A1063-63-630
Back Breaker(AIR) DL1UB1147N/A110
Jax Briggs MKX Frame Data