January 21, 2019

Jason Voorhees | MKX Frame Data

Jason Voorhees

NameNotationHit LevelStart UpActiveRecoveryBlock AdvHit AdvCancelNotes
Pokes & Universal Normals
Low PokeD1M6416-21418
Chin BreakerD2H6538-17220
Boot FlickD3L10511-31220
Low LiftB4L15230-14190
Jump Front PunchJ1OH84252130
Jump Back PunchJ2OH5825-3460
Jump Front KickJ3OH6225-3460
Jump Back KickJ4OH6225-3460
Jump Up PunchNJ1 OR NJ2OH9427-7510
Jump Up KickNJ3 OR NJ4OH11727-5350
Normals & Kombos
Straight Jab1H921021015
Nightmare1, 1H, M14318-31821
Shoulder Smash1, 1, 1H,M, M15813-31327
Crown Crusher1, 1, 2H, M, OH17427-8210
Dark Hook2H11124-21018
Killing Blow2, 3H, OH232172520Gap to armour through or backdash between hits
Killer2, 4H, M17222-115432
Chin Kick3H16224-31324
Camp Blood3, 2H, M21322-22527
Run Away3, 2, U1H, M, H14623-6350
Shattering Slam3, 2, D1H, M, OH18222-1370
Quick Stomp4H17229-3825
Fist LungeB1M13114-22417
Bad OmenB1, 2M, M11222-11120
AwakensB1, 2, 2M, M, M15431-8460
Skull SlamF2H21219-33426
Camp KillerF2, 1+3H, M26230-1450
Double FistB2M14421-125324
Brutal BootF3OH246146510
Knee StrikeB3M9522-111217
Final FridayB3, 1+3M,THROW16223-7-50
In The ShadowsB3,U1M,H15623-6380
Shin ShatterF4L19329-11824
StalkerF4, 4L, M17427-34230
Special Moves
Back BreakerDBF1THROW10225N/A100
Spine ShatterDBF1 MBTHROW10225N/A100
Choke SlamDF1 MBM12429-1090Armoured. 2 Hits
Tight SqueezeDBF2THROW173122200
CripplerDBF2 MBTHROW173122150
Temple PunchBF3H27730-6330
Temple SlamBF3 MBH27730-6130Armoured. 2 Hits
Killing MachineDD4N/A1056-56-560
Corpse GrabDB1UB12233-7-40
Corpse SlamDB1 MBUB12233-7180
The HorrorL2+R2M1165181500
Gut StabB1M9623-11318
Quick Slash2H14232-62522
Rising BladeB2M13323-85324
Skull StrikeF2OH18326-11831
Machete CutD2H9442-20230
Sharp SweepD4L14221-52022
Heel StompF4L16234-8326
Drowning3, 2, U1H14623-6350
Payback3, 2, D1OH18222-1370
BloodlustDF1 MBH11331-650Armoured. 2 Hits
Machete TossDB2M19101-68-15140
Machete ThrowDB2 MBM19101-68-5140Armoured.
Psycho SlashBF2M204522-10280
Hack 'n' SlashBF2 MBM206245-5250Armoured. 2 Hits
Shoulder PushBF3H26522-6480
Shoulder ChargeBF3 MBH26522-6550Armoured. 2 Hits
Cut 'n' Gut1, 1, 2OH17427-8280
The Innocent1, 2M1632122126
No Hiding1, 2, 2M15237-24928
Heavy BleedingB1, 2M12225-9518
Machete LaunchB1, 2, 2M14325-9560
Never Dies2, 3OH232172520
Momma's Boy2, 4M22229-85438
Serial Killer3, 2M1951302427
BroodingF4, 2OH17415-11600
VARIATION - Relentless
Dark PursuitDD3 MBN/A1054N/AN/A0
Lake MistDB2N/A26017N/AN/A0
Blood MistDB2 MBN/A2607N/AN/A0Armoured. 3 Hits
VARIATION - Unstoppable
RampantDD3 MBN/A1038N/AN/A0
Corpse WalkDD4 MBN/A1026N/AN/A0
Jason Voorhees MKX Frame Data