January 21, 2019

Jacqui Briggs | MKX Frame Data

Jacqui Briggs

NameNotationHit LevelStart UpActiveRecoveryBlock AdvHit AdvCancelNotes
Pokes & Universal Normals
Low MetalD1M7213-41317
Rising SteelD2H9539-18260
Low HeelD3L8215-41115
Deep SweepD4L13222-61822
Jump Front PunchJ1OH842521235
Jump Back PunchJ2OH1152522139
Jump Front KickJ3OH91225-44937
Jump Back KickJ4OH11625-35038
Jump Up PunchNJ1 OR NJ2OH11627-7510
Jump Up KickNJ3 OR NJ4OH11327-5350
Normals & Kombos
Quick Jab1H621021216
Quick Steel1, 1H, M721323117
Trained Killer1, 1, 4H, M, M932324720
Operative1, 2H, M941522717
Tank1, 2, 1H, M, M1532412625
Bouncing Betty1, 2, 1, 2H, M, M, M162222928
Spec Hook2H13217-12619
Danger Zone2, 1H, M1411222921
Fully United2, 1, 2H, M, M20223-7380
Snake Eater2, 3H, L12221-51418
Artillery2, 3, 3H, M, M15225-92624
Buck Up2, 3, 3, 4H, M, M, M242192510Gap to armour through or backdash between last 2 hits
Side Boot3H14221-41321
Dog Tags3, 3H, M22336-11631
Fast Knee4M8328-13415
Stanky Leg4, U+4M, M115132630
Sledge FistF1M1541402125
Red TeamF1, 2M, M2011723327
The TrenchesF1, 2, 1M, M, OH18220260
Light KutB1M1632321927
CrankedB1, 2M, M16130-3230
GunnerB1, 4M, L1722122922
HawkeyeB1, 4, 2M, L, M24233-7170
Turnaround PunchF2M17425-11626
VTOLF2, U2M, M16631-94125
War ShipF2, U2, 2+4M, M, OH221282350
Downward HammerB2OH17334-53330
Steel ToeB3L16221-21325
Jacqui's JusticeB3, 3L, L18218-73223
Special Moves
Air Ground Smash(Air) DD4L333340140
Air Ground Tremor(Air) DD4 MBL333270630
Air Fake Out(Air) DU4N/A1028-28-280
Forces RushBF1H12642-27210
Forces ChargeBF1 MBH12642-27210Armoured. 2 Hits
Bionic DashBF2M25433-9410
Bionic BlastBF2 MBM223350200Armoured.
Gauntlet StrikeBF4M16345-311045
Gauntlet FlurryBF4 MBM16345-31-20Armoured.
Tech ShieldDB1N/A11283-41-410
Advance TechDB1 MBN/A11283-41-410
Chest KavityL2+R2M22227700
Single BarrelDF2H12425-1170
Double BarrelDF2 MBH122129-5390
Low BlowDB2L18628-6170
Low BlastDB2 MBL13628-6400
Back ShotF1, 2, 2+4H11118N/A600
Hand CannonDF2H14224-172-10858
Hand Cannon > EnhanceMBM9200-149-15220
Up RocketDB2H12200-17411440
Rocket PowerDB2 MBH2315-134810
Low RocketDB3L31415-1570
Rocket CraterDB3 MBL31415-1570
Rocket Crater > DelayHold 3H1111-11
Gauntlet SparkDB2N/A1060-60-600
Gauntlet IgniteDB2 MBN/A1060-60-600
Quick BurstDF2M157192140
Plasma BurstDF2 MBM1627272310
Quick Burst > CancelFF or BBN/A
Quick Burst > Charge Level 1Hold 2M27192140
Quick Burst > Charge Level 2Hold 2M27192140
Jacqui Briggs MKX Frame Data