January 21, 2019

Goro | MKX Frame Data


NameNotationHit LevelStart UpActiveRecoveryBlock AdvHit AdvCancelNotes
Pokes & Universal Normals
Low KnucklesD1M6512-6715
Low SideD3L6512-41215
Quick HingeD4L9321-61918
Low SweepB4L12428-13200
Jump Front PunchJ1OH815262120
Jump Back PunchJ2OH114262240
Jump Front KickJ3OH111226-2510
Jump Back KickJ4OH111326-1520
Jump Up PunchNJ1 or NJ2OH11629-9490
Jump Up KickNJ3 or NJ4OH12829-7330
Normals & Kombos
Rise Up1H103142616
Half Dragon1, 1M1541122424
Grand Champion1, 1, 2OH16445-311414
Gongoro1, 2M1131412218
Fists of Fury1, 2, 1M1131412218
Human Blood1, 2, 1, 2M17337-22310
Shokan Hook2H1031921318
Prince of Pain2, 1OH2322422029
Titan Krush2, 1, 4L24339-520
Fast Toe3H11129-121116
Undefeated3, D3OH4435-23613
Push Kick4H1652321128
Knuckle PushB1M9427-13817
Shokan PrinceB1, 2M10528-10220
Blood And ThunderB1, 2, 1, 2M147272370
Barbarian BlowB1, 2, U2M265192490Gap to armour through or backdash between last 2 hits
Rise UpU1H1451821626
Double SlapF2M2242121432
Gorbak SwingF2, 1M214260929
Durak PushF2, 1, 2+4M268172400Gap to armour through or backdash between last 2 hits
Diabolical EndF2, 1, 4M20629-7380
Unfair AdvantageF2, 1, B2M24335-1180
Upward FistsU2H1451821626
Wind BackB2M243302500
Lunge KickF3M16520-22326
Foot SmashB3L13434-20126
Brutal KickF4OH203244450
Special Moves
Shokan BoltBF1H23200-157-15-30
Shokan BlastBF1 MBM27200-159-5290
Punch WalkBF4M124131-5190
Fist FlurryBF4 MBM124131-5460Armoured. 2 Hits
Shokan GrabDBF3THROW8347N/A280
Shokan SlamDBF3 MBTHROW8347N/A220Armoured.
KrushDU MBUB139-21000Armoured. 2 Hits
In Front StompDU BUB511046-2880
Behind StompDU FUB511046-2880
Spine AdjustmentL2+R2M302429200
VARIATION - Kuatan Warrior
Chest LungeBF2H10634-12200
Chest ChargeBF2 MBH10634-12230Armoured. 2 Hits
TremorDD4 MBUB24449-35-60
VARIATION - Dragon Fangs
Shokan TripDB+2L165266190
BruiserDB+2 MBM156272380
Fang SpinDB2M123632-3200
Dragon SpinDB2 MBM123740-6460
Shokan StabsDBF3THROW8347-14220
Shokan MassacreDBF3 MBTHROW8347-14230
VARIATION - Tigrar Fury
Close Ground FireDB4L30616-3300
Close Ground ScorchDB4 MBL30667500
Far Ground FireDF4L346121340
Far Ground ScorchDF4 MBL336310530
Flame BallBF1H17200-159-13-10
Flame ChainBF1 MBH17237-164-46210
Dragon BreathBF2M3081712180
Dragon TorchBF2 MBM316629-360Armoured.
Goro MKX Frame Data