January 21, 2019

Ferra / Torr | MKX Frame Data

Ferra / Torr

NameNotationHit LevelStart UpActiveRecoveryBlock AdvHit AdvCancelNotes
Pokes & Universal Normals
Ferra JabD1M1048-11920
Goliath PunchD2H198244340
Knee BreakerD3L7411-21414
Straight PainD4L1341312520
Ferra TripB4L21220-9280
Jump Front PunchJ1OH77272130
Jump Back PunchJ2OH1012272240
Jump Front KickJ3OH91227-3500
Jump Back KickJ4OH9527-3500
Jump Up PunchNJ1 or NJ2OH16929-20400
Jump Up KickNJ3 or NJ4OH9729-7330
Normals & Kombos
Straight Fist1H93151519
Double Punch1, 1H, M11513-12121
Mammoth1, 1, 1H, M, OH15523-6350
Mountainous1, 1, 2+4H, M, M21536-4340
Fierce Hook2H8328-8417
Big Hurt2, F4H, M15635-51530
Tremendous2, B4H, L12832-11-20
Side Kick3H15625-3028
Turnaround Boot4H115302-921
Aerial Dash4, 2+4M1012192330
Cross StrikeB1M10321-61617
Play ThingB1, 2M, M932201116
Torr ApartB1, 2, 1M, M, M21319-31127
Unstoppable ForceB1, 2, 1, 2M, M, M, OH20438-6190
Kaber TossF2L15236-74720
Ferra SmashB2OH18528-5326
Team WorkB2, 3OH, M24327-23827
Two Of A KindB2, 3, 2+4OH, M, M16102-6750
Crushing KneeF3M15517-3924
TorrificF3, 2+4M, M16525-3410
Giant StompB3L20338-9-130
One For The TeamB3, 2+4L, OH21537-5110
Rising LegF4M17825-6350
Special Moves
Bowl GirlBF2L162024-360
Little One SlideBF2 MBL162010-12440
Ferra TossDB2OH132216-1-50
Ferra ThrowDB2 MBOH13225-19390
Close Ferra TossDB2 BOH1322166-50
Close Ferra ThrowDB2 B MBOH13225-19390
Far Ferra TossDB2 FOH132216-1-50
Far Ferra ThrowDB2 F MBOH13225-19390
Tuck 'n' ChargeBF3OH155244-8353
Tuck 'n' Charge > EnhanceMBN/A10104N/A-1040
Tuck 'n' TrampleBF3 MBOH155244-8353Armoured. 2 Hits
Tuck 'n' Trample > EnhanceMBN/A10104-104-1040
Bone CrusherL2+R2OH2134246-10
VARIATION - Ruthless
Pain And GainDD1THROW11545-3190Armoured.
Deep StabDBF1THROW11545-3190
Grab 'n' StabDBF1 MBTHROW11545-3190Armoured.
Little KutterDBF1THROW20537-23180
Stab1 OR 2H1111-11
Gut RipperDBF1 MBTHROW14337-23180Armoured.
Shank1 OR 2H1111-11
Boss TossBF4M151526-590
Crouching JabD1M6613-31017
Giant FistB2OH23131-4426
Massive AttackB2, 3OH, M24327-23827
On The BallB2, 3, 2+4OH, M, M24937-10580
Jumbo SweepB4L12431-16150
Enormous Swing1, 1, 2+4H, M, M21536-4340
Step AsideB3, 2+4L, OH21537-5110
Goliath Peak4, 2+4L, M23732-2360Gap to armour through between hits
Colossal CrushDBF1 MBTHROW11540-2650
Back BreakerDBF1THROW11540-2680
Boulder RollBF2M91228-12120
Double Boulder RollBF2 MBM9234-9140Armoured.
Torr ChargeBF3M303353-94542
Charge 'n' SmashBF3 MBM303353-94542
Charge 'n' Smash > EnhanceMBN/A1088-88-880
Torr UpDB2M12542-10240
Torr SmashDB2 MBM125-16-700
Ferra / Torr MKX Frame Data