January 21, 2019

Ermac | MKX Frame Data


NameNotationHit LevelStart UpActiveRecoveryBlock AdvHit AdvCancelNotes
Pokes & Universal Normals
Low JabD1M6516-61019
The RisenD2H8734-15250
Side KickD3L8712-61520
Arc KickD4L11516-31320
Spirit SweepB4L10530-16170
Jump Front PunchJ1OH892521440
Jump Back PunchJ2OH1042522437
Jump Front KickJ3OH892521440
Jump Back KickJ4OH892521440
Jump Up PunchNJ1 or NJ2OH11629-9490
Jump Up KickNJ3 or NJ4OH13329-7330
Normals & Kombos
Soul Strike1H112122817
Lifeless1, 1H, M1141321421
Soul Rush1, 1, 1H, M, M12228-2310
Fusion1, 1, 2H, M, M13236-10530
Palm Blast2H9318-31817
Surrender2, 2H, M12322-7821
Relinquish2, 2, 2H, M, M11333-91923
Chin Snap3H1322011722
Anguish3, 4H, M16426-24228
Hinge Kick4H12426-2323
Lunge SlapB1H9325-91319
Nether?PainB1, 2M, M10320-32318
Psychic StrikesB1, 2, 4M, M, M144240360
Lost SoulsB1, D2M, M13422-8220
Crushing FistF2M13224-2523
Tortured SoulsF2, D2M, M15329-5620
Inner StrugglesF2, 1M, M13231-14622
ExperimentF2, 1, 2M, M, L12236-1140
Certain DeathF2, 1, D2M, M, M167300670Gap to armour through or backdash between last 2 hits
Soul ChargeB2M323323143
Soul Charge DelayHold 2
Soul Charge CancelFF or BB
DisorientedB2, 4+3M, M17240-244931
Unstoppable ForceB2, 4+3, 1, 2M, M, M, M181521N/A5640Only first hit comes out on block
High KickF3M11423-41822
HurtingF3, 4M, OH191024-1540Gap to armour through or backdash between last 2 hits
Ankle SnapB3L13225-41222
TormentB3, 2L, OH15237-11190
Inner MiseryB3, 2, 1L, OH, M112931N/A30Third hit does not come out on block.
WretchednessB3, 4L, L20226-10220
Crown BreakerF4OH12139-20-421
Limited GriefF4, 3OH, M13237-6170
Special Moves
Soul BurstDB2M11634-1430
Soul BlastDB2 MBM16236-5230Armoured.
Up Soul BurstDB2 UM5136-9380
Up Soul BlastDB2 MB UM11140-420
Air Soul Burst(Air) DB2OH10235-930
Air Soul Blast (Air)(Air) DB2 MBOH121351300
Force LiftDB1M13266-51200
Tele?LiftDB1 MBM13266-51550
Force PortDB4 MBM, M, M, M253022-17610
Air Teleport(Air) DB4M23722-26500
Air Force Port(Air) DB4 MBM, M231933-45430
Hover > CancelDDN/A1111-11
Hover > Soul BurstDB2OH8229-390
Hover > TeleportDB4M21522-24520
Hover > Ground Slam3L201127-120
Air Hover(Air) D,U+BLKN/A10151-151-151129
We are ManyXRAYM13544-12-10
LevitateBF2 MBM91027-6280Armoured
Tele?HoldDB1 MBM13266-51550
VARIATION - Master Of Souls
Soul BallBF2M17101-72-23880
Soul TrapBF2 MBM17101-72-23880
Soul ReleaseBF1M22101-8318750
Air Soul Ball(Air) BF2M13101-56-27720
Air Soul Trap(Air) BF2 MBM13101-56-27720
VanishDB3 MBN/A172522-63-630Armoured
Air Disappear(Air) DB3N/A172547-72-720
Air Vanish(Air) DB3 MBN/A172547-72-720
VARIATION - Spectral
Soul ChargeBF2M91127-23210
Spectral ChargeBF2 MBM91134-18280Armoured. 2 Hits
Soul AccessionD,U+BLKN/A1022-22-22261
Soul Accession > Quick Kick3OH10225-913178
Soul Accession > Swing Kick4OH13228-1210142
Soul Accession > Soul Strike1H931149239
Soul Accession > Crushing Fist2OH10624-122217
Soul Accession > Ground SlamD3L201127-120
Soul Accession > Air Soul ChargeBF2M91127-23210
Soul Accession > Air Spectral ChargeBF2 MBM91127-23210Armoured
Soul Accession > Soul BurstDB2OH8229-390
Soul Accession > Soul BlastDB2 MBOH8229-390Plus on block. Armoured
Soul Accession > TeleportDB4M21522-24520
Soul Accession > Force PortDB4 MBM, M21522-24520Armoured
Ermac MKX Frame Data