January 21, 2019

Sub-Zero | MK11 Reveal Build Frame Data


NameInputHit LevelStart UpActiveRecoveryCancel AdvHit AdvBlock AdvDamageBlock DamageNotes
Basic Attacks
Pokes & Universal Normals
Straight Chop1H8214141212.000.300
Axe BashB1H14326236-23.000.450
Low Back HandD1M6219244-92.000.300
Palm Strike2H8214162213.000.450
Rising AxeB2M143262339-25.000.750
Double Axe SlamF2OH1933026-3-63.000.450
Rising DoomD2H10442028-914.002.100
Lin Kuei Kick3H13223241425.000.750
Shin ShatterB3L132192117-43.000.450
Quick KickD3L92152010-51.000.150
Chilled SweepB4L12323025-47.001.050
Brutal KickF4M2842904249.001.350
Swing KickD4L113232514-93.000.450
Jumping Attacks
Heavy Fist1M1143138-1-135.000.750
Straight Punch2M11431329-37.001.050
Kold Boot3 or 4M612313927-811.001.650
Quick Jumping Attacks
Frigid StrikeU, 1 or U, 2OH10329032-1011.001.650
Kold FrontU, 3 or U, 4OH10529037-1211.001.650
Get Up Attacks / Flawless Block Attacks
Axe SwipeU2M11521053-95.000.750Can only be performed after being KNOCKED DOWN or after connecting a FLAWLESS BLOCK.
Chilled HeelU3M10321015-79.001.350Can only be performed after being KNOCKED DOWN or after connecting a FLAWLESS BLOCK.
Towards ThrowL1+F or F1+3H10234025014.000
Away ThrowL1 or 1+3H10234023014.000
Kombo Attacks
Chinese Ninja Warrior1, 2M9220171803.000.450
Kold Encounter1, 2, 4M15239034-47.001.050
Icy GraveB1, 4M224223210-93.000.450
Frozen OverB1, 4, 3M143312522-75.000.750
Frozen Tundra2, 1M16233271-83.000.450
New Threat2, 1, 2M23229021-47.001.050
UnchainedB2, 1M28232020-77.001.050
Final DrawF2, 4M201831052-1911.651.800
Below Freezing3, 3M2933302217.001.050
PermafrostB3, 2M131222018-63.000.450
FrostyB3, 2, 1M10220049-57.001.050
Special Moves
Ice BallDF1H280018104-160.000.630
Frigid StormDF2M36305022-86.001.750
Death-Circle BarrageDB2M3625-3400-2210.886.500
Slide [AMP]BF3, L1
Fatal Blow
Sub-Zero MK11 Reveal Build Frame Data